ASC MEP Sweeper Provided an Instant Solution to the Debris Issue

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020


Daimler Trucks Perth (located in the Perth Airport industrial precinct) are Western Australia’s largest dealers of Mercedes Benz commercial, Freightliner and Fuso trucks.

They sell and maintain heavy-duty vehicles for most of the Western Australian freight companies.

The Challenge:

Daimler Perth stipulated that they were only interested in a supplier providing a complete solution to their needs.

They invited many suppliers to demonstrate their machines to determine the best machines on the market.

Daimler Trucks have 54 work bays.

The bays specialize in new vehicle set ups and maintenance servicing.

Many of these large vehicles travel to Western Australia’s north and come back with the dirt and dust the Pilbara and Kimberley’s are renowned for.

As well as the oil and grease residue generated while servicing vehicles, the company mandated a need to have a clean work bay at the start of each job to provide a safe workplace for the technicians and apprentices.

Previous to investing with ASC, they were using 240 volt scrubbing machines with long extension cords, which were problematic and unfit for the workload required each day.

The Solution:

ASC’s Ross Sheehan chose to demonstrate the ASC Eureka E81 floor scrubber and the ASC MEP push sweeper.

As the work bay areas contained dust, red dirt, small stones and workshop consumables, Daimler Trucks needed to have this swept first.

Ross demonstrated to the Daimler service crew the ASC MEP sweeper with dust control. This provided the answer to the debris problem instantly and proved 14 times faster than manually brooming.

The MEP collected all the debris with no air borne dust being generated.

Once the workplace was swept clear of dust and debris, ASC’S Ross Sheehan showed them the highly efficient ASC Eureka E81 walk behind floor scrubber.

The machine was demonstrated with an environmentally friendly floor degreaser and quickly removed the layers of built up grease and oil from the floor.

The machine scrubbed the floor clean and left it bone dry.

The advantage that  Daimler Trucks could see was that the ASC Eureka E 81 floor scrubber had minimal electronics, which was a bonus for Daimler as they could service it in house if required without the need to call out manufacturers.

For the demonstration ASC fitted the best AGM batteries available on the market .

Daimler fully tested the ASC Eureka E 81 in real time.

They found their operators had used the ASC Eureka E81 for 6 hours continual use on a single charge and the machine still had 25% of the battery life left.

Garry (Daimler Perth’s Workshop Manager) was quoted as saying  “Ross, you should really be upselling your battery usage as your competitors got 3 hours or less out of their batteries”

The Result:

The principal Sean, with the help of workshop manager Garry ordered 2 ASC Eureka 81 floor scrubbers and 1 ASC MEP walk behind sweeper.


Daimler Trucks Perth Facility

ASC Eureka E81 Floor Scrubber & ASC MEP Push Sweeper