ASC MEP Push Sweeper Keeps Kanyana Engineering Mandurah’s New Workshop Clean

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021


Kanyana Engineering is in the Mandurah industrial estate just south of Perth.

The Challenge:

Kanyana Engineering are in the process of moving from one workshop to a new larger one.

Tyre dust was a big problem for the company. They invest a considerable amount of money in a new Bystar Fibre Laser cutting machine that required the plant to be dust free.

The Solution:

The company called ASC’S Ross Sheehan to inquire about floor sweepers.

The Directors of Kanyana wanted a solution to keep the new workshop clean from the start as the plant was being set up.

Ross Sheehan recommended the ASC MEP push sweeper with dust control for this application.

Cutting and welding machines can be quite messy and the ASC MEP is designed to overcome these issues. Dust form mobile traffic like trucks and forklifts only add to OH&S issues.

The Result:

The MEP was purchased, which was delivered 3 days later by ASC’S Ross Sheehan, who installed and gave relevant staff a rundown of the sweeper.

The ASC MEP is a great maintenance free, easy to use sweeper for the staff to use, and to limit the airborne dust getting into and around the machinery.

ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper

Kanyana Engineering Mandurah'S Workshop

Kanyana Engineering & Sheet Metal'S Workshop