ASC Delivers to Nyrstar Hobart

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Nyrstar Hobart operates a zinc smelter based in Hobart, Tasmania.

They are a large contributor to the Tasmanian economy employing more than 600 people. The plant has been operating more than 100 years and is occupies a large land in the Heart of beautiful Hobart.

The problem.

Nyrstar recently went to the market to evaluate suppliers who were able to provide a solutions to limit dust emissions on their roadways & plant surrounds. They looked at their global suppliers links and asked ASC to evaluate its site operations and choose an appropriate model that would deliver them the best possible dust suppression technology.

The Solution

We recommended the ASC Dulevo 6000 sweeper. The sweeper was specifically designed to be as rust resistant as possible with an upgraded conveyor and hopper system.

There machine was optioned up with extra water jets as well as a simplified cockpit to ensure it was simple to drive and navigate.

The unit was fitted with a super fine Gore Dust filter ensuring PM 5 dust compliance.

While the Tasmania government had strict Covid 19 restrictions in place the machine was pre delivered by Hitachi Launceston and later installed by ASC’s service representative Bob Collins.

Bob Collins was on site for 2 days teaching Nyrstar operators how to use & maintain the machine.

He also ran a service school teaching Nyrstar’s approved mechanics how to maintain, service and repair the unit based on OEM manufacturers specifications.

The Result.

Nyrstar makes very public is claim to strive to deliver a safe workplace & minimising its impact on the surrounding environment. They achieved this with its new investment from ASC.