ASC Eureka Mach 3 Keeping Haddon Place Clean and Dust Free

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Open Spaces & Car Parks

Client introduction:

In the popular suburb of South Perth there is a spectacular section of old unit blocks screaming location, location. The Owners of Haddon Place sit in the middle of this area.

The Challenge:

Jote is the grounds keeper of the unit complex and has been keeping the common areas clean of leaves, pine cones and sand with the use of traditional leaf blowers, brooms and a 30 year old petrol Vacuum.

This had caused the tenants and owners of the units to complain to Body Corporate about the amount of airborne dust and the noise while cleaning.

There was change in the air to appease the landlords and tenants alike.

Jote was on the march looking for the best possible options available for them to meet the budget the body corporate had allocated.

The Solutions:

Jote called ASC’s WA Manager Ross Sheehan to discuss what was available for his budget range.

Jote had visited a few secondhand equipment dealers in the WA area but wasn’t happy with the prices quoted or the type of machines.

Jote is an old school hands-on type of man, so Ross Sheehan invited him to visit the ASC’s new Wangara warehouse to see what was on offer.

He was shown both new and ex-fleet sweepers.

With his budget range narrowed down Ross showed Jote two ex-fleet ASC Eureka Mach 3 ride On sweepers. Jote rode these around the ASC warehouse and cleaned most of the carpark to see how they performed.

Impressed, he asked for another demonstration onsite with the body corporate that wanting to view the sweeper too.

The result:

After a successful demonstration Ross provided the body corporate with the necessary quotes and invoices.

Jote was keen for the option of the 24V vacuum cleaner and attachments to be included in the sale.

The body corporate approved the sale & now the tenants greet Jote with a smile daily as he effortlessly cleans the carpark and driveways clean.

No more leaves, sand or noise. The cars are now no longer covered in dust. A great win!