ASC finds a dust solution for Kane Constructions in Canberra (ACT)

Updated on Friday, July 24, 2020


Kane Constructions are a multi award winning, privately owned commercial construction company located across Australia.

The Challenge

Kane Constructions needed a heavy duty sweeping solution for their new leisure centre construction in Stromlo ACT.

Management went to market and invited many sweeper suppliers to quote and demonstrate their sweepers in order to find the best solution to achieve a dust free construction site.

They had a unique problem in the sense that the dust on site is super fine.

The dust includes particle debris from the likes of Gypsum dust, cement powder, galvanizing rio off cuts and general dirt dragged on to site from the Manitou tyres.

As you can imagine on a construction site this dust spreads quickly and they needed a robust machine that was able to handle the rough working conditions typical of a construction site.

After a lengthy exercise the company choose ASC as their preferred supplier.

The Solution

Kane Constructions chose to invest in the Heavy Duty ASC M1 Walk Behind Battery Sweeper.

The machine was chosen due to its ease of use, strength, sweeping and dust control performance.

Kane Construction can expect a 10 + year lifespan on the unit and the elimination of  tens of thousands of dollars in wasted labour costs using hand brooms.


ASC M1 Walk Behind Battery Sweeper 1

ASC M1 Walk Behind Battery Sweeper 2

ASC M1 Walk Behind Battery Sweeper 3