ASC Floor Scrubber Cleans Heavy Duty In SMH Equipment’s Facility

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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SMH has a large overhaul workshop facility servicing heavy mining machinery in a state of the art workshop in Queensland’s Mount Isa region.

The Challenge.

SMH Equipment (Mount Isa, Queensland) has a large workshop facility. With up to 8 large mobile pieces of plant in the workshop at any time, the floors can get very dirty as mud and debris falls of the wheels and tracks.

Oil, grease and fuel filters are used to service the heavy machinery. In the process of servicing the large Caterpillars and Volvos etc. oil, grease and diesel fuel spills on the floor. This needs to be cleaned up to eliminate trip hazards as well as keeping the floor visually clean.

Steve Heyne, Managing Director, asked ASC how they he could eliminate wasting needless water hosing down the floor and maximize the use of his valuable labour. He had recently spent a lot of money painting his walk ways in a green colour with yellow walkway lines and wanted to achieve a fresh and clean floor at all times.

The Solution.

Steve Heyne was advised to invest in the Heavy Duty ASC Eureka E 51. He did not want to invest in poor quality machines as he works on the moto that his company provides premium mechanical services . He advised ASC that he only buys only tried and proven equipment so that his company does not waste money.

He chose the Eureka E 51 as it was a solidly built machine with a simple drive system, was easy to repair without having to use company technicians 1900 km away and had a great reputation with other users he knew of.

The Result.

The machine worked a treat. Not only are the floors spotless, there is no longer any need to use hoses any longer to wash floors down. Now only 1 employee cleans the floor whereas before that it was a tedious task that involved many employees.

ASC E 51 At SMH Equipment's Facility 1

ASC E 51 At SMH Equipment's Facility 2

ASC E 51 At SMH Equipment's Facility 3