Goldman Plumbing Services

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

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Goldman Invest with ASC.

Goldman Plumbing Services owner Mark Barlow has his own workshop and showroom full of cars that are his pride and joy.

The Challenge

When Mark opened his warehouse roller doors he had dust, leaves, sticks and rubbish blowing through his workshop.

Using manual brooms wasn’t enough as this method only pushed the dust somewhere else.

Prior to ASC ‘s Scott Campbell arriving, Marks beautiful epoxy floor was covered in dust and hadn’t ever been scrubbed clean once since opening.

He knew that he needed a strong, reliable industrial strength machine that could sweep, then polish the floor spotlessly clean.

The Solution

NSW Area Manager Scott Campbell demonstrated the ASC E50 scrubber with a polishing pad

Mark stood there amazed at how well polished the floors were after a demonstration.

He mentioning “the floor didn’t even look that good when the floor was laid.”

So Mark now owns the ASC MEP sweeper alongside the ASC Eureka E50 for both sweeping and scrubbing purposes.