ASC MEP Helped Tyabb Airport Hangers In Maintaining Civil Aviation Regulations

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020

Airports & Aviation

Cleaning an Airport hangar however small can be a difficult and very time consuming process.

Tyabb Airport, a small Victorian airport is a case in point. They house 4 light planes for private use in one of its hangars.

Civil aviation regulation specifies that all hangars must be free from dust & debris otherwise the dust and FOD can get lodged in the engine components creating maintenance issue and risking aircraft safety.

Bracken Rural and residential property maintenance recently invested in the ASC sweeper to make the task of cleaning their hangar much easier. Owner Grant Lane looked at what the market had to offer and selected the ASC MEP sweeper due to the quality of the product build and referrals he had from clients he knew who had used ASC machines.

Cleaning the hangar now takes 40 minutes and not 4 hours as it used to be the case prior to the purchase of the ASC MEP.  Not only does the hangar look great but its added a new dimension to their already impressive quality regime of modernization and labour cost savings.

Asc’s Ken Pepyat consulted the company and arranged the commissioning of the new ASC MEP sweeper.

ASC At Tyabb Airport Hanger