Rio Tinto Bell bay Invested in ASC Sweeper to Keep Their Surrounding Areas Clean & Workers Free From Dust

ASC Dulevo 3000 At Bell Bay Facility 1 Updated on Friday, June 2, 2023

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Bell Bay Aluminum is one of Australia’s largest producers of Aluminum. The Bell Bay site is 45 kilometers from the city of Launceston, Tasmania.

The smelter produces around 180,000 tonnes of aluminium each year and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Its main metal products are ingot, rolling block and T-bar.

Recently they invested in a ASC Dulevo 3000 sweeper to keep their pot rooms and surrounding areas clean and free from dust.

The machine is used in sweep very dusty floors and the decision to purchase the machine was based the ASC’s Dulevo 3000’s ability to trap dust down to PM 2 as well as maneuverability around the pot rooms.

Rio Tinto invests heavily in technologies that help keep the environment clean. The Dulevo 3000 is just one example of how ASC has helped Rio Tinto Bell Bay keep their site dust free and workers free form airborne dust.

ASC Dulevo 3000 Sweeper At Bell Bay Facility 1
ASC Dulevo 3000 Sweeper At Bell Bay Facility 2
ASC Dulevo 3000 Sweeper At Bell Bay Facility 3
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