ASC M1 Sweeper – Cleaning Machine for Astro Turf Grass

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Bacchus Marsh Primary School is Victoria’s oldest and first operating State School. The school was started back in 1865. It is located 40 km of Melbourne’s CBD.

The Challenge

Like most of the schools around Australia, Bacchus Marsh Primary School has also rolled out Astro Turf in its playgrounds to minimize injuries associated with falls and accidents while students play. The turf is a great alternative to concrete and gravel, which successfully reduces injuries.

Recently Mr. Matthew Smitten (school’s groundsman) called in different suppliers of sweepers to ask them for demonstrating their sweeping machine on the newly laid astro turf ground of their school. They wanted to find out which machine worked the best for their ground. Mr. Matthew made it clear that he wanted a machine that wouldn’t only clean the astro turf effortlessly but would also have the flexibility to clean the hardstand concrete areas around the school.

Previously, John, the maintenance person, was using a blower vac and broom. However, he was getting many complaints about dust and noise created by the blower. Plus, it was a very time-consuming way of cleaning.

Once ASC was through with the demonstration of ASC M1, John and his committee were blown away with its performance as it cleaned up their approx. 1.5 acres of astro turf/playing fields in a very time-efficient manner.

John was really impressed with the ASC M1 sweeper and said it was far better than any other product he had seen demonstrated.

The Solution

John was so impressed with the ASC M1 that he purchased a Mach 1 sweeper.

Pictured below is Bacchus Marsh’s Primary School Groundsman John Smitten proudly displaying his new ASC M1sweeper.

Another quality installation by ASC’s Victorian Manager Ken Pepyat and a great solution for Bacchus Marsh Primary School.


ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper 1

ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper 2

Clean Premises Of Bacchus Marsh School

Bacchus Marsh Primary School