ASC M1 Joins National Plastics & Rubber

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Manufacturing . Mining


National Plastics & Rubber is a Brisbane-based company in Sumner (QLD). They manufacture polyurethane, industrial plastic, and rubber products for the international mining industry.

The Challenge

National Plastics & Rubber required a machine that would not only eliminate their problem of black dust but also remove the scraps of rubber from their manufacturing area. They needed a compact machine that could reach all the nooks and corners. They also needed this machine to be battery-powered to be able to cover a large area.

The Solution

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues was contacted to provide them with a smart solution for these problems. His recommendation was the ASC Eureka M1 sweeper. The machine was perfect for the application as it had an inbuilt dust filtration system capable of handling high volumes of dust.

Besides, the M1 was also robust enough that allowed the machine to pick up larger pieces of rubber, hard plastic scraps, and dirt from the forklift tyres. The demonstration proved that M1 wasn’t only easy to handle around the tight corners but was also light enough for anyone to work with, covering a large area without having to break a sweat.

The Result

National Plastics & Rubber placed an order with ASC for a Eureka M1 Heavy Duty Sweeper. The result was a much cleaner worksite, less airborne dust that ensured a safer workplace, and a more appealing plant for the directors & clients alike.