ASC M1 Turns To Be A Proven Dust Solution For Action Steel Stawell

Updated on Thursday, February 24, 2022

Steel Manufacturing

Action Steel is the supplier and installer of large Rural and Industrial Sheds around western & northern Victoria as well as southern NSW.

The Challenge

The major operations of Action Steels include welding, bending, grinding, and cutting galvanised steel. All of these operations tend to be both messy and dusty.

Besides, they were also faced with the challenge of airborne dust as well as forklift tyre dust on their factory floor.

The dust was a huge problem in both the loading areas as well as the steel welding and cutting manufacturing areas.

Action Steels was using ASC’s competitor’s walk-behind sweeper that proved to be unreliable as it blew more dust than it picked up.

Action Steels’ staff was disappointed by the poor quality of their sweeper and consulted ASC’s Ken Pepyat, knowing he is the ultimate specialist in supplying the world’s best dust-free sweepers.

The Solution

Vince Grace (operations& production manager)was given an onsite demonstration of the ASC M1 sweeper and was extremely happy with the machine’s performance.

The ASC M1’s superior dust filtration was sufficient to convince them to invest more and buy the ASC M1, which is a proven and reliable dust solution.

Ken Pepyat installed the new M1 sweeper at Action Steel’s Stawell facility recently.

ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper 1

ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper 2

Action Steel Stawell's Facility