ASC M3 Cleans The Queensland Academies Campus

Updated on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Schools & University

The Client

The Queensland Academies – Science Mathematics & Technology Campus (QASMT) is a selective entry high school based in Toowong, Queensland.

It was developed in partnership with the University of Queensland

The Challenge

The School was looking for a solution to sweep all areas of the grounds with an electric low emission sweeper.

They requested that the sweeper had to be narrow enough to cover the schools hallways, walkways and car park areas. Some areas had very narrow access.

The brief was that the machine had to have a good capacity hopper in order to cover the open areas and carpark areas.

The debris included leaves, sticks and tyre dust.

The Result.

Rafael Rodrigues from the ASC Qld office recommended the Heavy Duty ASC Battery driven M3 compact sweeper.

The School rewarded Rafael with an order following a successful demonstration.

The M3 sweeping machine proved that it was more than capable of maintaining the school grounds.