ASC M3 Handles EasyShed’s Dust & Debris Issues

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

EasyShed, produce a wide selection of steel construction sheds for sale suitable for a variety of purposes.

From garden sheds, farm sheds, hay sheds, and sheds for bike storage.

The Challenge

EasySheds had a continuous problem of dust build up in their facility.

Dust was coming into their factory from a dirt road behind their manufacturing plant & the constant challenge of manufacturing dust created while shaving metal.

Craig Suggate from Easy Sheds asked ASC’s Ken Pepyat for a trial of the Heavy Duty ASC Eureka M3 sweeper.

The Result

The demonstration proved the ASC Eureka M3 sweeper could handle all the dust and debris that the facility could produce.

Dave was sold on the machine and placed an order with Ken Pepyat.

Dave told Ken that he had demonstrations of many sweepers before Ken arrival from other competitors but found the ASC Eureka M3 was far superior in the way it performed and was far more robust for his multi operators to use.

Dave had asked for an optional 24v Vacuum Cleaner to be added on his machine.