ASC M5 Cleans A Huge Surface Area Of Bevchain’s Facility In 4 Hours

ASC M5 In Use At Bevchain Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Food & Beverages . Logistics & Distribution

Bevchain is one of Australia’s leading Alcohol and beverage distributors employing some 700 staff with over 200 vehicles in 6 states of Australia.

Bevchain provides a national tailored supply chain solution for the beverage industry across Australia with a ‘best-in-class’ warehouse and distribution practice.

Their local Newcastle Distribution Centre recently took delivery of a ASC Eureka M5 sweeper to eliminate tyre dust created by mobile forklifts and inbound trucks from settling on the stock and in the process making improving air quality in the warehose.

Seen here is a battery electric Eureka M5 sweeper that is designed to run for 4 hours and clean warehouses up to 12,000 sq. metres.

ASC M5 In Use At Bevchain