ASC M6 Drives Into Nowra Toyota

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023

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Client Introduction

Nowra Toyota is a large Motor Car dealership based in the NSW area of Nowra. The company is owned by Motor Identity, Mr. Ian Henry. They have an extensive display of motor vehicles as well as stock extensive spare parts. They also run massive warehouses that undertake motor repair and servicing as well as motor trimming.

The Challenge

Dealer Principal Ian Henry contacted ASC recently and inquired for a heavy-duty sweeper that could maintain their huge 9-acre Nowra site, which consisted of workshops and roadways. Ian takes pride in a clean facility and hence was looking for a sweeper that he could drive himself to maintain his facility. The car yard had a big issue of leaves, gravel, and general debris that required a heavy-duty sweeper capable of covering such a large landscape and lifting heavy debris.

The Solution

Ian purchased the tried and proven ASC Eureka M6 diesel sweeper fitted with a conditional registration kit that would allow him to maintain the public roadways near the entrance of his facility as well as his own yard. The machine was installed. The driver education was also provided along with mechanical training to two of Ian’s mechanics to ensure great performance.