ASC M6 Shines At Civil Mart Precast Edinburgh Adelaide

Updated on Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Brickyards & Aluminium Smelters

The Client

Established way back in 1966 in South Australia, Cookes Precast Concrete is now one of the largest Australian Owned independent companies operating in the precast concrete industry.

Cookes Precast Concrete is now part of the Civilmart Group of companies consisting of: Companies like BCP Precast, CM Concrete, Icon Septech, Toowoomba Tanks and MC Pipes.

The Challenge

Justen Ruben ( Operations / Compliance Manager) for Civilmart SA told ASC’s Ken Pepyat that he had a contract sweeping company visit his site once a fortnight to do his sweeping.

He had a huge cement dust build up and needed his area swept dust free and quickly in order to make his facility dust free.

Silica dust is a big concern for the Cement industry.

Having the contractor come in occasionally just wasn’t enough to eliminate his dust problem and proved too costly to do more regular sweeping.

Civilmart looked at various sweepers on the market but was sold on the ASC Eureka Mach 6 LPG as it swept better than all the models they had tested.

The ASC M6 shined in many areas comparing it to other machines on the market. It had a much more rugged build quality.

Being made from solid heavy duty steel it rose above many competitive machines.

Being a heavy duty build was important to Civil mart as the machines was working on pitted and undulated concrete. This meant the M6 was capable of handling the tough site terrain.

The Result.

Civilmart / Cooke Precast decided to go with the ASC Eureka M6.

Seen below is the ASC M6 received at their site in Edinburgh North, South Australia.