ASC MEP Cleans Up on Specialist Floor Surfaces

Updated on Monday, October 26, 2020


Equine Services is a Horse Stable based in Queensland’s Gold Coast area that specialised in training horses for competition including the Olympic and Commonwealth games.

The problem;

Equine has invested a lot of money in its horse stables. They have laid special rubber mats on their stable floors to ensure the horses are always standing on soft ground.

These mats attract a lot of dust during the day and Equine recently made inquiries with ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues asking whether there was an efficient method of keeping the stable and mats free of dust.

The result.

Rafael explained that by using a ASC Manual push sweeper with dust control they would reduce cleaning time by 80% and eliminate 98% of the dust build up on the mats.

They purchased the ASC MEP sweeper on the spot. The machine has no noise or fume emissions which eliminated their concerns about any noise that would potentially disturb the horses while at the same time saving value time and money cleaning.

The ASC MEP was the perfect choice.