ASC E83 – The Most Economical & Easy To Use Dust Solution

Updated on Friday, July 24, 2020


Baker & Provan, a St Marys (NSW) based Engineering company, has further enhanced its reputation as one of Australia’s leading Engineering plants by investing in a Eureka E83 Ride on Scrubber for their facility.

The Challenge

Baker & Provan had a big problem with the dust that is created while manufacturing. Wind, movement of forklifts, cranes and truck traffic quickly spread dust and metals shavings all over the plants concrete surfaces.

They do already possess an ASC M3 Ride on Sweeper which they use to pick up dust and debris.

Baker & Provan Management went to market and invited many sweeper/scrubber suppliers to quote and demonstrate their scrubbers in order to find the best solution to achieve a dust free facility. They had a unique problem in the sense that their dust is super fine, spreads quickly and needed a robust machine that was able to handle the rough working conditions typical of a engineering plant. After a lengthy exercise the company chose to continue to use ASC as their preferred supplier.

The Solution

Baker & Provan chose to invest in the Eureka E83 Ride on Scrubber

The machine was chosen due to its strength, scrubbing performance and ease of use

Although 20% more expensive than comparative models, the company’s engineers in their investment decision carefully considered all aspects of the ASC E83s build quality and simplicity.

Long term, the ASC Eureka E83 will prove to be the cheapest on the market due to its low running cost and anticipated 12 to 14 year lifespan.

Amortized financially, the ASC E83 makes it by far the cheapest on the market when all factors are considered.


ASC Eureka E83 1

ASC Eureka E83 2

ASC Eureka E83 3

ASC Eureka E83 4