ASC’s Jason Frendo finds a dust solution for Sydney’s STS Logistics

Updated on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Logistics & Distribution

STS is a well-established Sydney-based logistics company that is a specialist in freight forwarding and customs clearance. The company has a comprehensive network of agencies and branch offices in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Taiwan.

STS recently enhanced its reputation by investing in a Heavy Duty ASC dust-free Eureka M6 LPG sweeper in their new $20 million Sydney facility.

The Challenge

STS Logistics was faced with a huge issue due to swirling external debris, forklift tyre black dust, and incoming truck dust that would spread over their facility daily.

The management sought after sweeper suppliers in the market to quote and demonstrate their machine sweepers onsite for determining the best solution to achieve a dust-free facility.

Their problem was very exclusive as their site dust was super fine as well as quick spreading. Therefore, they were looking for a robust machine that would handle the rough working conditions typical of a distribution center effortlessly.

After an extensive search, the company chooses ASC as their preferred supplier.

The Solution

STS Logistics chose to invest in the Heavy Duty ASC M6 LPG sweeper.

The machine was chosen due to its strength, sweeping, and dust control performance.

Although 20% more expensive than its counterparts in the market, the company’s engineers, in their investment decision, carefully considered all aspects of the ASC M6’s outstanding build quality and simplicity.

They made the decision because ASC Eureka M6 would prove to be the cheapest in the long run due to its low running cost and anticipated 15+ year lifespan.

Amortized financially, the ASC M6 makes it by far the most efficient on the market when it comes to purchasing price and running cost.

Heavy Duty ASC dust free Eureka M6 LPG sweeper 1

Heavy Duty ASC dust free Eureka M6 LPG sweeper 2