ASC’s M1 Cleans Away RAAF’s Hanger Dust

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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ASC’s M1 Cleans Away RAAF’s Hanger Dust.

RAAF’s Pt. Cook Base recently invested in an ASC M1 battery sweeper. The base is located in Melbourne’s western suburbs. It has many hangars that house old military aircraft.

The Challenge

These old hangers had a huge dust problem. Dust would blow in from the adjacent airfields and make the hangars look very messy. The build-up of dust was a never-ending problem that had to be swept by hand brooms.

The Solution

RAAF’s Adam Scherricontacted ASC’s Ken Pepyat asked him to bring to the base and demonstrate the popular ASC M1 Heavy Duty Sweeper. The Mach 1 proved to be a perfect fit as Adam tried various other brands of walk-behind sweepers without luck.

The M1 outperformed all the other brands and was a more ergonomic fit for aircraft sweeping.

As aircraft cleaning required tight places to be swept and particular attention in order to avoid any damage to the aircraft, the adjustable handles on the ASC M1 sweeper proved to be a particular benefit to this operation.