ASC’S MEP Vacuum Sweeper Solves V Resources Cleaning Issues

Updated on Friday, November 24, 2023


V Resource is an Australian-owned company that specializes in recycling used lead-acid batteries (ULAB).

The Problem

V Resources runs a large recycling facility that was required to be kept clean and dust-free. They recycle car batteries, which is a very labor-intensive and messy process. They contacted ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues and inquired about a Heavy Duty manual push sweeper that emitted no airborne dust while sweeping.

The Solution

Rafael demonstrated the ASC MEP vacuum sweeper for them.

The machine runs without the use of batteries and is designed to sweep up all kinds of debris, including metal offcuts, plastic, tyre, and lead dust. After seeing its flawless operation, they were really impressed and placed an order for the machine immediately.