ASC MEP Manual Sweeper Provides Dust-free Environment to Atom Supply

Updated on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Logistics & Distribution

Atom Supply is a national warehousing and distribution chain that provides its amazing services to tens of thousands of customers annually, with more than a million products backed by a national distribution network.

The Challenge

Atom Supply has busy warehouses that are loaded with high-moving spare parts. The handling of such huge volumes of parts is bound to generate a lot of dust.

Atom Supply requested ASC’s Scott Campbell to recommend them a suitable solution to handle their dust build-up problem.  Scott demonstrated the ASC MEP sweeper, and they could see how effortless its operation is and how easily it helped them to get rid of their dust problem.

The Result

Atom Supply invested in an ASC MEP Manual sweeper with vacuum dust control on the spot after seeing its performance.

Its efficiency and performance blew away the warehouse staff. They are now able to keep their floor clean while the employees enjoy the dust-free environment.

Atom Supply’s clientele is also happy and satisfied as they receive dust-free stock now!


ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 1ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 2