Ausreo Victoria

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023


The Client

Ausreo are a steel reinforcing manufacturer, located in Melbourne’s west. They supply REO to the bulk of the construction industry.

The Challenge

Ausreo have a very large warehouse in Melbourne that forms and makes Reo.

They have very tight areas which required sweeping, throughout the facility.

ASC’s Ken Pepyat suggested that the company invest in the ASC MEP push sweeper, as their most practical solution.

The ASC Vacuumized MEP sweeper was the ideal choice of sweeper. Over the past ten years, Ausreo have purchase many of these machines throughout Australia, to keep their facilities clean.

Ausreo Manager, Charlie Costa, said they find the ASC MEP the best size sweeper, with very little maintenance and no batteries to charge.

The Result

An order was placed for an ASC MEP sweeper.