Austral Brick Takes delivery of new ASC M6 Sweeper

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020

Brickyards & Aluminium Smelters

Austral Brick is a major Australian Brick manufacturers owned by Brickworks.

The Challenge

Producing a brick is a very dusty process. Firstly clay must go through many processes to be manufactured into a brisk base before being Kiln dried.

The process is very involved with mobile equipment constantly moving material like clay, sand, lime, ash and gypsum.

These materials frequently spill on the factory floors when earthmoving trucks and forklifts move the materials from one location of the factory to the next.

Dust build ups quickly due to spillages and normal movement of raw material. These need to be swept in ordered for the plant to be debris free and dust free.

The Solution

Austral choose the ASC M6 as they knew how well the machine worked.  They had used the ASC M6 product for well over 14 years and choose another one due it its dust  control, reliability and ease of use.

The new ASC M6 Diesel was delivered with a handover by ASC’s Scott Campbell.