Austral Technologies WA

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Mining . Steel Manufacturing

Client Introduction

Austral Technologies is based in Forrest field Perth. A major mining company contacted them back in the 1990s to develop a unique process for extending the life of their High-Pressure Roll Crushers. Consequently, Austral Technologies created new processes to increase the thicknesses of the components and have successfully become one of the leading surface engineering company in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Challenge

The workshop floor is a worn-out cemented one. This floor collects the forklift rubber tyre dust as well as the metal and welding dust. This was becoming a challenge for the workshop manager, Ross, to handle all the dust at the heavy industry site. Hence, he approached ASC and requested a simple machine that all the employees could use with minimal maintenance.

The Solution

ASC’s Area Manager Ross Sheehan recommended the ASC Eureka MEP push sweeper with dust control. Ross was impressed that the ASC MEP sweeper could collect the debris and the dust in his workshop, efficiently solving all his dust issues effortlessly. The fact that the ASC MEP has no batteries for the staff to recharge and had a reputation in the Industrial world was enough to push the purchase button.

The Result

Anette (Administration Manager of Austral Technologies) placed an order with Ross Sheehan. ASC's Ross Sheehan delivered the machine to the site with a Maintenance checklist for the staff to refer to as they use the sweeper.