Australian Paving Centre Double Unit Purchase

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

Australian Paving Centre (APC) is based in South Australia and is a distributor and supplier of premium quality home landscaping and improvement materials.

Some of their products include pavers (concrete and natural stone) tiles, retaining wall blocks, garden walls, etc.

The Challenge:

The company has a problem with fine cement dust and debris in their indoor storage areas.

They also needed a system to be able to clean their outdoor areas.

They asked ASC Adelaide based Manager Luke Skrinjaric for a manoeuvrable, dust-controlled sweeper machine, which could sweep up fine dust indoors and be strong enough to pick up debris like nails, bolts, screws etc., when sweeping around loading areas outside.

The Solution:

Luke recommended the ASC EUREKA MEP dust-control vacuum pedestrian sweeper.

It proved to be 100% the answer to all tasks and requirements. Damian Hone, the Director, placed an order for 2 units.