ASC M1 & the MEP Helped AW Edwards Keep the Hospital Free From Airborne Dust

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Construction . Health Care

A W Edwards is a 4th generation construction company with major links to Australia’s rapidly growing infrastructure projects.

As a construction company quality machinery matters as their construction costs are calculated well ahead of time to deliver and on time and on budget hand over.

Recently AW Edwards was given the green light to construct the Campbelltown (NSW) hospital car park located in Sydney’s South west.

The Challenge

AW Edwards had a problem in the sense that they purchased a generic sweeper from another supplier that did not work at all. There was no re call or guarantees and the result was a compete waste of labour with an inadequate and under spec machine. The site was simply not clean.

They them tuned back to ASC who the company has used for many years to buy a high quality ASC MEP dustless sweeper.

This was purchased to compliment an existing ASC sweeper already used daily on site, the ASC battery powered M1.

The Solution

Using both the ASC M1 and the MEP has ensured that the hospital is free form airborne concrete dust and has eliminated the frustration cleaning the site with inadequate equipment.

Sighted below is a few pictures of a typical construction environment that ASC sweepers are commonly used in.


ASC Mep Eureka Sweeper 1

ASC Mep Eureka Sweeper 2