Balga Senior High School Perth Cleans Up With ASC Eureka E 61

Updated on Tuesday, September 7, 2021

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Client introduction:

Balga Senior High School was opened in 1970 and is in the northern area of the city of Perth. It is a culturally diverse and inclusive school with over forty nationalities represented. It is guided by its motto “Strength in Unity”

The Challenge:

Facility’s Manager Michael Leadbitter is leading the way in allowing the cleaning team to work smarter not harder in keeping the school walkways and rooms cleaner by implementing machines to do the work compared to traditional brooms and mops. They have a mixture of floor surfaces, tiles, concrete, wooden floors to laminates so the machine must be able to have different brushes and pads to enable the operator to easily move to different floor surfaces.

The Solution:

ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan presented Michael with several options from the ASC Eureka floor scrubber range, from brush assisted drives to traction drive machines. Michael chose the Eureka E61 with traction drive to see in action at the school, Ross was able to demonstrate this machine along with Verica the head of the cleaning team.

The Result:

The cleaning crew really liked the simple operation of the brush, the ability to enable pre-washes, then dry the floor.

TheY liked the easy function to swap from the PPL brush for the cleaning concrete floor to the easy swap pad drive for the cleaning laminate and timber floor areas.

Michael liked the machine so much that he placed the order for the model ASC Eureka E 61.

The ASC Eureka E61 was delivered to site by Ross Sheehan who then conducted an operator training session with Verica (Supervisor) and her staff.