Barben Architectural Hardware Replaces Their Old Sweeper with ASC M2

Updated on Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Barben Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality architectural hardware. Based in Tingalpa QLD, they are specialists in the design and manufacture of entry door handles, bathroom accessories, and cabinet hardware.

They requested Rafael Rodrigues of ASC to help them find a smart solution to maximise their housekeeping standards.

The Challenge

Barben Industries made a shift to a new building for consolidating the operations from two smaller warehouses.

They were using a small push sweeper for the smaller warehouses. However, the new building was so large that they needed an efficient solution to keep it clean.

The impressive new facility has large open floor areas as well as narrow aisles.

The Solution

Raf Rodrigues proposed them get the ASC M2 sweeper as a solution to keep their facility clean.

M2 has a sweeping capacity of 5486 square meters per hour, which is amazing for a compact machine like itself. It was perfect for their open floor areas as well as narrow aisles and corridors.

The company invested in it right away owing to its amazing performance and very low running cost. It is a virtually electronic free machine, which makes it a money saver in the long term.

This machine ticked all the boxes as it operated with AGM maintenance-free batteries and minimal noise.

Their floors are squeaky clean now in under 29 minutes.


ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper

ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper