Bastion Property Management Ltd

Updated on Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Cleaning Contractor's . Open Spaces & Car Parks

Bastion Property Management Ltd is a family-run property business that is well known in the (Qld) Stirling and surrounding areas. They have a multi-storeyed basement car park, which needed cleaning. Therefore, they inquired about a suitable solution from ASC.

The Challenge

Bastion Property Management Ltd has to maintain a 3-level car park with a lot of tyre dust. It was very hard for them to keep it clean.

The Solution

Rafael Rodrigues from ASC went to their site and demonstrated the ASC MEP push sweeper as a solution to their daily cleaning needs. The MEP proved to be the best solution for their application as it successfully cleaned even the hard-to-reach small spaces and areas that required daily cleaning.

The ASC MEP sweeper proved to be a great investment for them as it worked perfectly for their car park. Moreover, it is extremely easy to push and use. Susan from Bastion Property Management said that sweeping the car park would now be part of her morning workout.

The Result

The car park is now maintained and looks very presentable and clean because it is dust-free. Most of the residents immediately identified and registered the clean car park.

The management has also eliminated a tangible worry regarding the health issues that could result due to exposure to high dust levels in the car park.