Bayton Group Site Clean Cchallenge’s Solved

Updated on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Client Introduction

Bayton Group provide cleaning services to manufacturing and mechanical workshops, food processing, warehousing plants, along with mining and drilling operations.

Baytons have also been awarded the contract to maintain the large areas of Barangaroo in central Sydney, which surround the Casino up to Millers Point.

The Challenge

Baytons faced many new challenges cleaning this site, as this area had many obstacles.

Copious pedestrians walking the paths each day was the first challenge, followed by a requirement that the machine they used had to be whisper quiet.

The site encompassed many forms of debris, including broken glass, paper cups, cans, grass, leaves, pine needles, sticks and many other foreign items.

The Solution

Baytons trialled many machines, from companies that offered an array of machines and demonstrations.

No company could produce the result that met their performance and budgeted cost.

As a last resort they contacted ASC.

The solution was an ASC Elgee Power Vac. This hand built US made Powervac was the only machine that could meet their criteria and cope with the Barangaroo environment.

ASC’s Scott Campbell was there to guide Baytons and leave them with a solution that worked.