Berendsen Clontarf Epoxy Painted Floor Challenge

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


The Client

Thirty minutes north of Brisbane’s CBD, Berendsen Clontarf provides comprehensive fluid power sales, repair and maintenance support.

Clontarf specialises in repairs to large and complex hydraulic cylinders. The facility boasts powerful disassembly rigs, heavy overhead cranes, pinpoint accurate milling and honing machines, fast, precise automatic ID welders and everything else needed to serve Queensland’s most heavy-duty customers.

The Challenge

The company has a large facility which features an epoxy painted floor. The company required a mechanised solution to replace mop and bucket cleaning.

The recommendation was made for a heavy-duty ASC Eureka E 51 floor scrubber.

The machine both cleans and mops all the oil and footprints off the ground, in a single pass.

The Result.

An ASC Eureka E 51 scrubber was ordered.