Berkeley Engineering Investment ASC Eureka E 50

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


The Client

Berkeley Engineering has forged an enviable reputation in the manufacture of precision quality custom components.

Their technical expertise is backed up with over 80 years experience in the industry.

Berkeley Engineering provide its customers with customised components of unparalleled quality.

The Challenge.

The company had used a scrubber in the past, to maintain its floors. Whilst acceptable, the company was looking for an industrial floor scrubber that was able to make their floor perfectly dry and glow, with every use. They asked ASC to visit their facility and recommend the appropriate cleaning solution. The ASC Eureka E 50 was recommended.

After a successful on-site demonstration, the machine recommendation proved to be the right choice.

Although the purchase price of the ASC machine was 20% above what they had budgeted for, the company chose to pay a little bit more for a machine that would last twice as long as the competitive products that they had considered.

The Result.

An ASC Eureka E 50 machine was purchased.