BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Labour-Saving ASC M3

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Open Spaces & Car Parks

The Client

BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Bonny Hills (NSW) is a beachfront holiday park just 20 minutes south of Port Macquarie, in the quiet ‘burb of Bonny Hills.

They have a vast array of cabins, as well as rentable sites.

The Challenge

Any caravan park is normally surrounded by trees, offering patrons a reprieve from the sun.

The Big 4 at Bonny Hills was no different.

With an array of roadways scattered around the park, build-up of leaves and sticks was a daily challenge.

Prior to their association with ASC, the park was using a team of groundsmen with petrol blowers, to maintain their roadways.

Not only was this method very labour intensive, it created a lot of dust and proved very noisy.

The other issue was that no matter how clean the roads were after being blown, the leaves always blew back on the roadways the following day.

The Solution

ASC’s Scott Campbell suggested that they invest in the ASC M3 battery driven small street sweeper, as a massive labour-saving device.

The company followed Scott’s advice and purchased the machine.

The management quickly discovered that this system of road cleaning was much quieter than using blowers, plus 8 times more efficient (faster) than using petrol blowers.

The major advantage is that the roads, once swept, remain clean. The leaves are then removed and used as mulch, as a resource to save money.