Black Hops Brewing Says Good Bye To Manual Cleaning

Updated on Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Food & Beverages

The Client

Black Hops Brewing is a craft beer brewery located in Gold Coast. It’s an incredible story of 3 mates on the Gold Coast making craft beer and sharing everything they learn along the way.

The Challenge

The floor Manager Joao needed a solution to clean the brewing floor which had to be washed every day.

The regime of cleaning until Rafael Rodrigues consultation was hosing and manually washing the floors using factory labour and huge want quantities of water.

The Result.

The company purchased a ASC Eureka E50 for cleaning the floor and sucking up water at the same time.

After scrubbing it was clear that there was too much material on the floor.

In order to extend the life of the Eureka scrubber Rafael advised Black Hops to also purchase an additional MEP floor sweeper to sweep the dust and hops off the floor before scrubbing.