Blackdog Pet Food Company Cleans Up

Updated on Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Manufacturing . Warehouses & Distribution

The Client

Apetite Foods (also known as Blackfood Pet Food Company) is an Australian privately owned company specializing in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of natural or near natural pet treats.

The Challenge.

The company has a large Distribution Center in Truganina Victoria. The companies floors are constantly used by mobile plant moving stock around the distribution and manufacturing areas.

The result of high moving traffic was a substantial build up of tyre dust & debris getting airborne & landing on finished product stacked in warehouse shelving.

Mike Pelar from Blackfood Foods made contact with ASC’s Ken Pepyat to discuss ways he could minimize his dust build up with a solution that would last 15+ years and cost very little to maintain.

The Solution

Ken Pepyat advised Mr Mike Pelar that the ASC Eureka M3 sweeper was his best solution.

Not only was the ASC Eureka M3 the perfect size for the facility but when demonstrated the machine did the job extremely well.

The floors were streak free & 100% of the dust was removed seconds into the sweeping mode.

Mike ordered the ASC Eureka M3 from Ken Pepyat with and optional 24v vacuum cleaner attached to get in to tight spots between pallets.