Bolton Clarke Double Invest in ASC Eureka E 46 & ASC MEP

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Health Care . Hospitality & Catering

Client Introduction

Bolton Clarke is a leading Australian healthcare, independent living, and aged care services provider, which is not-for-profit healthcare. They recently built a brand new multi-million dollar facility in Caboolture (north of Brisbane).

The Problem

They were looking for a floor scrubbing machine for their new Caboolture facility. Helen (Bolton Clarkes Asset Manager) needed a compact machine capable of cleaning the facility floors, including the hallways, walkways and patient rooms. The floor surfaces included a mixture of timber veneer, vinyl and concrete finishes.

Helen was looking for a machine that could not only clean any bacteria off the floor but also clear up any water spills at any time of the day. It had to be low maintenance, easy to repair by the staff cleaners without tools and user-friendly. Cleaning around close walls was also a major consideration as debris forms in these areas.

The Solution

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues recommended a compact upright ASC Eureka E 46 scrubber and an ASC MEP manual sweeper.

These two machines, when combined, would not only clean all these surfaces easily but also have the benefit of saving the cleaning crew up to 60% of their labor time cleaning.

With only 28 liters of water and some cleaning chemical, the ASC Eureka E 46 compact scrubber has given the site the capacity of cleaning in 2 hours what was otherwise a 5 to 8-hour job.

The floor is not only bone dry but also radiant in its shine. The MEP sweeper would be used in the common areas of the apartment blocks to eliminate dust build and debris entering the building.

Bolton Clarke purchased both units right away, as they wanted many years of efficient and trouble-free housekeeping.