Boyd Metal Industries Tyre & Metal Dust Issue

Updated on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Client introduction:

Boyd Metal Industries in located in the heartland of the Perth Industrial suburb of Welshpool and is a WA owned and operated business. They specialise in heavy steel processing & have a strong reputation in the WA steel processing world. The range of machines deliver the services of plate rolling, plate bending, and section rolling. They work with the Mining, Oil and Gas and Construction sectors.

The Challenge:

Their large workshop has many fixed pieces equipment arranged over the 5000 sq.metre site.

They create a large amount of carbon dust from the sheet metal used.

Forklift rubber tyre & metal dust was a big issue for the company and they were looking for a solution to eliminate this & reduce labour time spent sweeping.

The Solution:

Joe (Manager) contacted the ASC WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan to arrange a demonstration of the ASC Eureka range of sweepers that would meet their needs and budget. Ross demonstrated the ASC Eureka M1 battery powered sweeper which performed very well in the workshop.

Boyd Metal Industries Tyre & Metal Dust Issue

Boyd Metal Industries elected to invest in the ASC Eureka battery M1 walk behind sweeper. It was the ideal choice.

The machine is designed to deliver quite fume free operation while sweeping & while easily navigating around fixed equipment.

The large dust filtration system mounted on the ASC M1 sweeper allows operators to sweep for longer periods before emptying debris saving valuable labour time and ensuring dust free sweeping.

Ross delivered the sweeper and conducted training with staff at the workshop.