Boyne Smelter Qld Welcomes a ASC Alumina M8 Sweeper

Updated on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Brickyards & Aluminium Smelters

Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) operation is located at Boyne Island in Central Queensland. It’s Australia’s second largest aluminum smelter.

The company manufacture carbon anodes in the carbon plant, aluminium production (smelting) in its reduction lines & casting of molten metal into aluminium.

The problem.

Boyne Smelter is a massive facility. They have 3 pot rooms and expanded concrete aprons that need to be swept on an hourly basis.

The management of Boyne Smelter went to the market recently to investigate what was available to replace their existing sweeper.

They called ASC as they are an approved Rio Tinto supplier.

They requested demonstrations of both the ASC Dulevo 3000 street sweeper and the new ASC purpose built M8 alumina sweeper.

Both units were brought to site for demonstration & thoroughly tested.

While both units performed very well the operators however preferred the new ASC M8 sweeper as it had a number of features the larger ASC Dulevo 3000 did not.

They included a 2 metre sweeping path, an ability to access corners much easier due to its 3 wheel footprint and a shorter length as which ensured it could sweep closer to the pots.

The operators also liked both the cabin layout, ease of use and general comfort of the ASC M8.

Electrical interference is a major issue in all smelters & Boyne Smelter were keen to address this issue given the amount of time it would sweep in pot rooms.

This plays havok on all vehicles running in the pot rooms. (forklifts, tow vehicles trucks & utes etc).

Thankfully the ASC M8 is built with few electrical components & is totally hydraulically driven.

While testing there was ZERO electrical interreference on the ASC M8 when running along the pot rooms proving a major win for the smelter as it eliminated problematic breakdowns.

Following the demonstration the operators informed management that the M8 was what they wanted on their site.

The Solution.

A new ASC Eureka’s M8 was delivered to site with a fully enclosed cabin and air-conditioning system. A special BreatheSafe breather system was added to the cabin to ensure only clean air entered the cabin while working.

ASC’s Raf Rodrigues liaised with Boyne Smelter Management team to deliver a successful result for the smelter.