Brennan’s Welding M2 Emerald QLD

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Brennan’s Welding acquires a ASC M2 for Emerald QLD


Brennan’s Welding is a welding engineering facility that has been catering to the mining industry since 1998. They are well known and respected. Located in Emerald Queensland, they specialise in underground mine VCD’s and equipment supply pods.


Brennan’s Welding recently opened a new workshop in Emerald- QLD. The facility was quite dusty due to swirling outdoor winds bringing dust into the facility. The business itself generate a fair amount of dust from grinding and turning metal. Combined this can become a health issue to the employees. Business owner Ned Brennan put the health of employee’s first and asked ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues for help.


QLD Sales Area Manager drove to Emerald and recommended a ASC Eureka M2 High Capacity ride-on sweeper for this site. The size of the ASC M2 was perfect as it swept into small areas as well as having plenty of capacity to sweep the outside areas as well.


Mr. Ned Brennan was pleased with the result the ASC M2 sweeper delivered. He himself started sweeping his site straight away. The machines agility and performance was outstanding. Ned had already decided to place it in a designated spot and educated all staff to adjust their workload with time to operate the sweeper on a weekly basis. 

Another satisfied ASC customer. A big thank you to Ned and Rafael to achieve a great result.