Brenton’s Bees & Honey Purchases x2 ASC labour saving machines

Updated on Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Food & Beverages

The Client

Brenton’s Bees and Honey is a honey producers based in COLLOMBATTI, NSW.

The Challenge.

Brenton’s have large packing and storage facility which has mobile plant and trucks entering its facility daily.

The factory floors get covered by farm dirt & dust that needs to be kept clean in order for the company to meet its stringent HACCP standards.

There too is the occasional honey spill that requires a lot of cleaning.

The cleaning of the floors was previously done using brooms, mops, buckets, pressure cleaners as well as manual hosing.

The Solution.

ASC Mid North Coast representative Tiffany Mackay made an appointment to see the company.

She recommended a ASC Eureka E 83 rider scrubber and a ASC MEP manual sweeper.

Tiffany had taken the opportunity to organise an onsite demonstration of both units.

The demonstration showed the company Directors just how much labour could be saved mechanising the cleaning process using approved ASC machines.

The floors were left clean in a matter of minutes suing the ASC machines. They were perfectly clean and dry in one pass.

Another significant benefit to the company that was obvious following the demonstration was the reduction of water consumption mechanically cleaning. A ratio of 30:1

Following the demonstration Brenton’s Honey and Bees Director Daryl Brenton placed an order for 2 the ASC machines.