Bridgestone (WA) invests in a Heavy Duty ASC M6 sweeper

Updated on Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Client introduction

Bridgestone Mining Solutions (Pilbara Region) made contact with ASC’s Western Australian office to purchase a sweeping machine for their large Port Hedland warehouse.

The company stocks the mining industry products with very large earthmoving, Off-road, loader/dozer, grader and other industrial tyres.

The Challenge

The new Bridgestone warehouse/workshop was completed in 2017. The warehouse is approximately 5500 m2 and has a 2000 m2 apron area.

The warehouse needed to be swept daily, and staff were using large brooms prior to sweeping the facility clean.

Their challenge was to source the correct machine for their specific type of dust. They required a reliable machine that was already proven to work in Pilbara District and a supplier that they could access spare parts and service technicians from.

The Solution

ASC’s Ross Sheehan was able to confidently compare the Eureka Mach 6 to other manufactures on the market.

He provided examples where the ASC M6 was already operating successfully in other local mining businesses.

With this information, Bridgestone Mining Solutions were able to make an informed decision.

This proven testimony was enough to convince Bridgestone that the machine could handle the harsh Pilbara conditions.

Once the order was placed, ASC pre-delivered the Heavy Duty M6 at the ASC Perth Warehouse.

The machine was ready for freighting to Port Hedland, and 24 hours later it was onsite ready for relevant staff training.

The result

Ross Sheehan flew to Port Hedland to commission and train the relevant operators on how to use the sweeper. He also met the local service technician whose role was to carry out any future servicing requirements.

The Pilbara is famous for its red dust.

Now Bridgestone has a solution for sweeping up all the leftover dust and deposits from the mining operations.

ASC Eureka M6 Sweeper

ASC Eureka M6 Sweeper

Ridgestone Mining Solutions