Briteforce client solution Perth WA

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Manufacturing . Mining

Client introduction:

Briteforce is a well know WA company known for its design, engineering and manufacturing of large range of LED lighting towers for use in many different fields, such as mining, oil and gas and the construction industries where there is a need to illuminate work site during the night.

The Challenge:

Vernon from Briteforce was introduced to ASC’s WA Manager Ross Sheehan a brochure and business card was left for him.

They were not using any sweeping machines, just brooms. It was messy process and a inefficient use of labour.

Vernon liked the idea of a cleaning transformation and engaged Ross for his recommendation.

The Solution:

Vernon was recommended the entry level ASC MEP dustless manual sweeper by Ross Sheehan.

He was keen to know of the advantages of the ASC MEP dustless Sweeper.

After speaking to Ross who had explained the benefits and the long lasting reputation that Eureka machines have in the Australian work environments, Vernon emailed the following day for a new MEP sweeper.

He placed the new sweeper into his parts department.

The result:

Ross delivered the MEP to Vernon still in it packaged box.

The Eureka MEP push sweeper is hand made in Italy and only needs the handle and side brush fitted before adjusting the main brush pressure and its ready to work.

Within 5 minutes the Parts Department Manager Graham was sweeping the forklift rubber dust off his floors.

Both Graham & Vernon were very impressed with the machines sweeping performance and how much fine dust was collected. It was a massive labour saver as well!!