Built Acquires M1 Cement Grade Construction Sweeper

Updated on Tuesday, June 21, 2022


The Client

Built is one of Australia’s largest private construction companies. With ongoing projects, they take OH & S very seriously.

The Challenge

The company recently approached ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues, asking how they could overcome the challenge of sweeping up floor laden cement dust, from their Toowong Shopping Centre project in QLD.

In all construction sites silica particles are present.

This is caused by activities such as cutting, grinding, sanding, drilling, loading or demolishing products.

This dust can generate particles of crystalline silica and may be harmful to breathe, as they cause respiratory problems.

Dust control on all building sites is paramount, as these large-scale projects suffer from swirling winds that stir up dust very quickly.

The Solution.

Rafael suggested that Built should invest in the ASC designed, Cement Grade Construction sweeper, the ASC Eureka M1 sweeper.

This machine is configured in such a way that not only does it completely eradicate cement dust emission while sweeping but it is also certified with an M Class dust filter.

Built elected to buy the ASC M1 Cement Grade sweeper.