Bundaberg Sugar QLD

Updated on Tuesday, September 26, 2023


The Client

Bundaberg Sugar is a company involved in all aspects of sugar manufacturing, including growing and milling the sugarcane and refining and marketing the sugar.

The Challenge

Bundaberg Sugar was looking to upgrade their housekeeping standard, with a view of minimising labour whilst cleaning their ever expanding Millaquin facility.

The company had a competitive sweeper scrubber in use that proved unreliable and very costly to maintain.

Bundaberg Sugar sought the expertise of ASC, to guide them on how best to maintain their facility efficiently.

It was suggested that investing in an ASC M6 LPG sweeper would cut down 73% of their current labour cost, as well as reducing their machine running costs by more than 80%.

The addition of an ASC M6 sweeper would allow the company to sweep clean, all the sugar spills externally, as well as sweep all their internal floors clean, without using water and the age-old problem of sugar stickiness.

The Result

The company invested in a new ASC M6 heavy duty sweeper.