Calderys Fine Dust Control Challenges

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


The Client

The company is a global industry-leading provider of personalised refractory solutions.

Calderys form precast concrete for mine sites to blow furnaces making them the rolls Royce of concrete mouldings.

Based in Unanderra NSW they asked ASC’s Scott Campbell to address their dust issues

The Challenge

Calderys required a heavy-duty sweeper that could cope with sweeping very fine cement and mining dust.

Their dust was talcum powder fine.

They had purchased many other sweepers in the past only to discover that none of them worked in their facility.

They needed the best dust control possible after failures with other machines.

The environment that they work in cannot have any airborne dust.

The Solution

Scott organised a site demonstration of the ASC Eureka M1 and MEP sweepers.

Critical eyes watched the demonstration with copious amounts of questions being asked as to the quality of the product.

The company’s management were amazed by what they were witnessing and handed Scott an instant order for the ASC Eureka M1 and MEP.