Capalaba Complete Storage & Packaging Supplies QLD

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


Client Introduction

Capalaba Complete Storage & Packaging Supplies QLD is a self-storage facility in Capalaba, Queensland.

The Challenge

The client required a solution to clean the internal corridor areas within their storage facility. Some of the floors were a mixture of carpet and concrete. They also required the sweeper to eliminate the leaves on their outside carpark areas.

The Result

Rafael Rodrigues recommended the company an ASC MEP Manual push sweeper with dust control. The machine is designed to sweep both indoor and outdoor with low running costs. No battery is required as the machine generates its own vacuum. The MEP sweeper was purchased and immediately put to use. The machine was seen picking up all leaves from the adjoining carpark. The investment proved great as the ASC MEP quickly transformed dusty corridors into clean ones.