Cardinia Engineering Conquers Dust Metal filings Issues

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Manufacturing . Steel Manufacturing

Client Introduction

Cardinia Engineering manufactures and repairs letter boxes for the Australian Post. They have a large manufacturing facility in Pakenham, southern Melbourne.

The Challenge

Colin Coppin, Managing Director of Cardinia Engineering, contacted ASC’s Melbourne Manager Ken Pepyat recently to find a solution for reducing dust and debris build-up in his manufacturing facility. Colin told Ken that they had an issue with dust metal filings building upon his floor when they repair or make Post Office boxes for Australian Post. They were looking for an efficient sweeper that was low maintenance, easy to use, and above all dust-free operation.

The Result

Ken Pepyat recommended them the Heavy Duty ASC Eureka M3 to clean their factory. They were satisfied with the recommendation and placed an order immediately.