Castle Mountain Zeolites Super Fine Dust Solution

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


The Client

Castle Mountains Zeolites is based in Quirindi, 45 minutes from Tamworth.

Over 300 million years old, Castle Mountain Zeolites (CMZ) is one of the oldest natural Zeolite mineral deposits in the world.

Zeolite is a ‘marvellous mineral’ utilised for both its physical and chemical properties. Our Zeolite finds application for animals and birds, plants and soil, fish and aquatic creatures, water and air filtration and treatment, as well as for industry.

The Challenge

The company operates a small mine site, quarry, and manufacturing facility.

Super fine dust powder is created, whilst crushing minerals used for plants and animal feed. ASC’s Scott Campbell was asked for a low cost solution to their challenging environment.

The Result

After careful consideration and demonstrations, the company purchased the ASC Eureka M2 sweeper, due to its ability in capturing the finest of dust, without any blow back while sweeping.